Our Story


Your Bliss was created when I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS. I really wanted to slowly make a change to my life through with more natural and sustainable products that could possibly help with my symptoms. After doing some research about the hundreds of chemicals we as women put in and onto our Bodies every day I really wanted to change this for myself. I love my beauty and skincare routine but my favourite thing to do before I walk out the door is spritz on my favourite perfume. Discovering the amount of chemicals that were laced in the beautiful bottles on my nightstand I went looking for a better option. Something beautiful to look at that didn’t smell like I was rubbing essential oils onto my skin. Something sophisticated, fun and that made me feel confident. I couldn’t find anything that matched what I was after so instead I created my own. 

Your Bliss is a beautiful, energising perfume made from natural ingredients that is handcrafted here in Australia. I never wanted to compromise on the scent so our perfume is 95% Natural and is completely Vegan and cruelty free. 

Our scents are Clean, fresh and will last up to 8 hours giving you the confidence to know you’ve made a better choice for yourself with Your Bliss. 

Your Bliss is the step in the right direction to a clean fragrance without compromising on the perfect scent for that perfect occasion.