Ingredients & Sustainability


Here at Your Bliss we use a combination of Natural & Safe Synthetic molecules. This previously has been thought to be a negative thing. Many of our lab- made ingredients are consistent of the same structure as its natural counterpart which means it is a more sustainable way to create scents while still maintaining the same integrity as if we had used the natural ingredient. Through the understanding and use of safe synthetics we can create incredible fragrances that are derived firstly from nature and secondly with a scientific approach that helps us build a line of luxury fragrances that last and that are safe for you, us and our environment.

For Example, here are some of our ingredients and what they mean.

Benzyl Benzoate – Skin Safe Synthetic

Linalool- Skin Safe Synthetic

Cedarwood oil- Botanical

Sandalwood oil- Botanical

Citronellol- Skin Safe Synthetic

Geraniol – Component of bergamot oil

Patchouli Oil- Botanical


All of our fragrances are made in Melbourne Australia and filled and packed in a small country town in Queensland. We are a family run business who creates everything in small batches, by hand.

We always source locally as much as we can and always have the environment and our impacts at the forefront of our mind to ensure we are always doing our bit.

All our scents are certified by our perfumer as Cruelty Free and Vegan. We love our furry friends and never want to use any ingredients that take away from any animal. Some perfume companies will still use animal derived ingredients to this day which is something we will never be a part of.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve, contact us and let us know.