Where Should You Really Spray Your Perfume?

From our earliest of memories movies and images of celebrities have taught us that the correct placement of perfume is to pop it all over your neck and on our wrists followed by rubbing them together with a lot of force. Most of us still have these habits to this day.
Well what we now know in fact is that is all totally incorrect. Bummer.
The best places to place your perfume is actually the spots that are create heat on the body for example Wrists, crook of your elbow, back of your knees and your stomach. Also your hair and clothing are great places to spray your perfume too!
Never rub your wrists together, you are just accelerating the breaking down of the scent which means it will not last that long. Which is another,Bummer.
Hydrated skin is your best friend. After a shower, moisturize and then add your Eau De Parfum on top!
You will thank us later!