Tips to Nourish your Skin this Winter

Here at Your Bliss, we believe that self-care is vital to helping our minds and bodies
feeling and looking their best. It is only when we are feeling comfortable and confident in our
own skin that we can project that confidence in our daily life, whether that may be at work, with
our friends or just when going about our daily errands.
This is never more important than during winter. Whilst it may be tempting to hide beneath
layers and simply let our skin become dull and dry, we believe that embracing a nourishing and
clean wellness routine for your whole body during winter will help you feel energised and radiant
for the year ahead.
To help you feel refreshed and nourished this winter, here are our top four skincare tips.
1. Keep the showers short
Even though the only thing you want to do when it’s cold outside is hop into a long, hot
shower, this can unfortunately be particularly drying on your skin. Try to keep the
showers lukewarm, short and perhaps consider switching your regular body wash for a
soothing and gentle shower oil. Shower oils help retain the moisture in your skin, whilst
also getting you clean, meaning you can walk out feeling both refreshed and baby-soft.
2. Recreate a salon-style facial at home
At Your Bliss Beauty, we are passionate about clean and natural wellness. Sometimes
the cleanest (and most inexpensive) way to indulge in a pampering session is a DIY
facial using simple and organic ingredients from your own home. To recreate a luxurious
facial, start by steaming your face over a bowl of hot water to open up your pores
(making sure to maintain a safe distance to avoid any discomfort), then gently cleanse
your skin with an oil-based cleanser or gentle exfoliating scrub, and finally restore the
glow by applying an organic grapeseed or sesame oil to replenish the hydration and
3. Moisturiser your hands and body
During winter, your face may be the first part of your body that you notice is becoming
dry and flaky. However other parts of our body, particularly our hands, knees and heels
can also become dry and in need of extra hydration during the cooler months.
Remember to apply a thick and nourishing body lotion daily to prevent these areas from
becoming scaly or cracked. We recommend our Your Bliss Beauty Hand and Body
Lotion, a clean, vegan and cruelty-free moisturiser that will help your whole body feel
nourished and look glowy.
4. Don’t forget the SPF
Even if it feels like you haven’t seen the sun in so long, remember to stay on top of your
SPF to ensure your skin is at its healthiest by the time summer rolls around. Whether
you are going for walks, or staying indoors, even simply sitting by a window can be
enough for UV rays to damage your skin cells. Sunscreen has come a long way since
the days of greasy and sticky lotions that leave an unflattering white cast on your face.
We recommend looking for clean and moisturising formulas that will add hydration to
your skin whilst simultaneously protecting it from the sun. Plus our favourite tip to fake a
healthy summer glow? A dewy and tinted sunscreen that’ll leave you with a subtle
sunkissed shimmer.
What are your top tips to look after your skin in winter? Let us know your suggestions in
the comments below.

Written by Sweni Shah for Your Bliss Beauty.