Stepping Into Your Feminine Energy




We all have two sides, our feminine and our masculine. No matter what sex you identify as we all have both traits which serve us in very different ways. 

You may have never had a second thought about it, but once you understand it and mindfully choose when to show up as either energy makes the world of difference to your life. 

Your masculine energy is inherently dominant and assertive where as your feminine is intuitive and caring. These are your Yin and Yang qualities which make up the combination of both the masculine and the feminine. 

You may find if you are agitated, frustrated easily, exhausted or out of flow it may be that you have lost a balance of these two energies. 

Researching ways to get into whichever you are lacking is extremely helpful to find what works for you. 

Here are some ways to ground yourself and find your feminine- 

Mediate, Journal, dance, do yoga, walk along the beach, go into nature, hold space for yourself, laughter, spritzing your favourite perfume, dressing up in your favourite outfit. 


Here are some ways to engage your masculine energy- 

work on a goal or task, high energy active such as HIIT training or strength, mediate, surround yourself with similar likeminded people


Why is it important to balance these two energies?

You can become burnt out if you are in your masculine 100% of the time, it can affect your relationships, your mental health and most other aspects of your life. We need as much balance as we can and it is important to listen to your body and how it responds to both areas.