Self Love Routine to Enhance your mood


Lets be honest we all need a whole lot of self love right now, so here at Your Bliss we have created a little Self Love routine to ensure you get that little bit of extra care you need.  

Step 1.  

Turn off your phone. Not right now if you are reading this on your phone but you get the gist. When you have this little self care guide printed out and stuck on the fridge, then turn off your phone and put it away. That notification ding can get too much for anyone so turn it off and take a massive breath in.....and out. 

Step 2.  

  • Light some of your favourite candles, spray that room spray that makes you smile.  

  • Turn the lights down and grab a journal and a pen, sit comfy on the floor and write a list of 5 things you are grateful for today. It could be that you have food in your fridge, you are happy you got to call your mum. Focus on those little things that bring you joy.  

Step 3.  

Step 4. 

Make yourself the ultimate Plant based cookie dough smoothie because, duh. Cookie dough. - 

We hope you enjoyed your little self love checklist. Make sure you really take the time to check in with yourself.  

Talk soon.  

All my love,
Maddie xx