Interview with Isabella- lets talk period

Can you tell us a bit about when you found out you had Endo?

I found out I had endo right before I turned 21. I had suffered with symptoms for over six years before I got my diagnosis and saw four specialists before they knew what was wrong. I was so relieved to know that I had endometriosis, which sounds strange, but it was confirmation that there actually was something wrong, and it wasn't just all in my head, as some practitioners had alluded to.

How has having Endo & Adeno affected your life?

Prior to getting diagnosed, having endo and adeno really affected my life and ability to do everyday tasks. I was calling in sick to work, struggling to make it through school or uni, and when I did, I'd come home and have to go straight to bed. I was exhausted and in pain pretty much all the time. Now with the correct management of my conditions, they don't affect my life as much. I have pain only a couple of days per month and just take it really easy on those days. I know my limits and try to be kind to myself.

We love how much of an advocate you are for the Endo warriors! What made you want to use your platform to educate others?

Firstly, thank you! It stemmed from not wanting others to feel the way I felt. When I was first diagnosed I felt so alone. No one knew what endo or adeno were. No one wanted to talk about them because they 'were to do with your period'. I didn't know where to get reliable information about these conditions and how I could manage them. Having surgery was great, but it was only one part and I didn't get told any other info about how to navigate having these illnesses. I started Let's Talk, Period. so I could share info about endo, adeno or pcos that was reputable, and create a community so people living with these conditions could feel connected, supported and empowered when it comes to managing their illness.

What would you want to tell someone who has just been diagnosed?

Experience all the emotions. There'll be so many from anger, to sadness, to relief, to stress and feeling completely overwhelmed. Feel the feeling and let it wash over you. Give yourself time to recover! You've just had surgery and it's no walk in the park, be kind to yourself and don't push yourself. Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed or isolated, come and join me! Listen to the podcast, join the Facebook community, come to an event or follow the Instagram.

What are your favourite self care practices to help when you are feeling like you need it?

When I'm in a flare, my self care practices include gentle stretching to release any tense muscles, using my heat pack, prioritising sleep and resting and trying to practice self compassion.