Interview with Emilia - Living with endometriosis

Can you tell us a bit about when you found out you had Endo?

I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 24, via laparoscopy and excision surgery. After 11 years of chronic pain, horrible symptoms and being misdiagnosed with many others things…To finally have a diagnosis and answers was a huge relief.

How have you been able to deal with having Endometriosis in your life in the day to day?

Having pain and symptom management tools that work for you is key. Everyone’s coping mechanisms are different, it’s not one size fits all with Endometriosis, especially with being a full body disease. So for me personally it’s, heat therapy, meditation, pelvic floor relaxation, stretching, tens machine, non restrictive clothing and REST! Taking care of my mental health is also a huge priority!

We love how much of an advocate you are for the Endo warriors! What made you want to use your platform to educate others?

Essentially I started my account @livingwithendometriosis__ to create awareness for all things Endometriosis, I’m so proud to be able to have done that. But now more importantly I want people to feel safe, when living with a disease that is so misunderstood and has so much misinformation behind it, life can feel lonely and frightening sometimes. I’ve connected with so many beautiful souls world wide, which I’m extremely grateful for. I remember when I started my road to diagnosis I was extremely lost, Endometriosis wasn’t very spoken about and I wanted to change that. I wanted other people in the same situation as me to have somewhere to to turn to, I then became the open book that I am today!

What is the most ridiculous thing a medical professional has told you in regards to Endo?

Unfortunately the list is endless! But one that really got to me was when I was told to have a baby to cure my Endo! One of the biggest myths and misconceptions about Endometriosis is that pregnancy is a cure, when it fact it isn’t! Even after I had my son, I was continually told to “just have another baby”, that will fix everything. •What are your favourite self care practices to help when you are feeling like you need a break? Self care is something so important when living with Endometriosis, a magnesium salt bath is always relaxing as well as the infrared sauna! Or it can be as simple as Netflix’s in bed with comfortable sleepwear!