Our Favourite Fragrances for SPRING/SUMMER


We have five scents to run as quickly as you can towards because they are like sunshine and warm hugs in a bottle.

Peachy Dreams

Peachy Dreams is a carefree & comforting wander through freshly cut grass. Taking in the fragrances of the orchids and the pear trees as you pause to listen as the wind whispers through the crisp afternoon breeze. A harmonious blend of Peach, Apricot, Sandalwood, Pear, and Tonka bean.


Sunny Daze

Warm and energising with a sunny disposition. This charming fragrance contains hints of mandarin, frankincense and kaffir lime. A sophisticated, sun kissed vision of citrus and zest.

Sunny Daze is your best friend on a warm, inviting day.


Sweet Kiss

Sweet Kiss is the perfect feminine scent that will give you that skip in your step for the day ahead. She is flirty, with hints of Mango, Violet and Ylang Ylang. This unique scent is a staple for your everyday collection.


Full Bloom

Is a floral bouquet of fresh market flowers with a subtle twist of cedar wood and vanilla making this scent absolutely dreamy. Full bloom is an elegant touch to add to your morning routine to give you that extra glow of confidence. 


Ocean Blue

Inspired by the feeling you get when you take that first deep breath in and you release all of that tension you’ve been holding onto as your toes hit the sand and you take in that fresh, sea breeze air.  Ocean Blue is clean, cool and fresh with subtle hints of Sandalwood, waterlily and blue chamomile.