Date Night- Isolation Style.

How to have the perfect date night – Isolation style.  

We have come up with a little planned date night that you can do with either your partner or loved one if you are stuck in quarantine/isolation currently. Believe us, we know this whole thing is a quiet sucky but by keeping ourselves safe, indoors and entertained it will be so much better for everyone in the long run. So here is our date night, iso style.  

  • Make sure you both get dressed up in your favourite outfits, spritz your “Date Night” perfume and get ready for an epic night ahead. (In the solidarity of your own home)  

  • Start with heading into the kitchen and creating a mocktail/cocktail together and giving It a new name together eg. The Quarantini, The Kombucha ISO.  

  • Make sure you have all ingredients to make a healthy, delicious Pizza together. Grab a cauliflower base from Coles (They actually taste delicious) and create the perfect pizza combo. If you are feeling even more inclined baking wise, bake a dessert for afterwards. Hello Deep Dish cookie with Ice cream!  

While you are waiting for your dinner to finish baking I highly suggest setting up a makeshift Karaoke in the living room which may include your sisters hairbrush as your super stylish Microphone. Have a singing battle or sing something together. I find 90s Pop songs are amazing no matter what pitch you can or can not sing in. 

  • If singing isn't your style set up your favourite Board game, or grab some painting supplies and sit across the table from each other. Make it a challenge to draw the other person and give it to them as a gift later...They may hate it but hey, it’s the thought that counts.  

  • Set the table, light candles, make the atmosphere something beautiful. Put your phones away and ask each other questions.  What terrifies you? What lights you up? What was your favourite part of today? This is the perfect time to really build your relationships.   

  • Grab your cookies out of the oven, Pick a movie you both love, something nostalgic and light hearted or something totally new that you both haven't watched, Snuggle up and enjoy each others company.  You have successfully completed your first date night in isolation. What was your favoutie part?  

Our favourites – Dumb and Dumber, Waynes World, The Lego Movie, Big, Ferris Buellers day off, School of Rock, Jumanji, Back to the future and Holes.